7 Tips To Prevent Premature Ejaculation During Sex

Premature ejaculation is ejaculating before you and your partner or spouse wanted to, usually within 60-90 seconds of intercourse. It is a common sexual problem facing many men under the age of 40.

Several factors can cause or lead to premature ejaculation, however, it can be controlled with proper understanding, forethought and in some extreme but rare cases, a medical help.

The following are Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation.

1. Wear a condom.

condom to last longerCondoms can reduce the stimulation for most men of which in turn should prolong intercourse before ejaculation. However, to achieve this you shouldavoid condoms that are extra thin. Keep in mind you can always up-grade to a thinner brand for more stimulation later on.

You can also use condoms with benzocaine.This condoms enable climax control condoms and can extend the sexual activity and while delaying the male’s orgasm for as long as five minutes. They have benzocaine at the tip, benzocaine is a mild form of anesthetic which has a slight mild numbing effect thus can help reduce or decrease the sexual sensation.

2.Practicing the stop and start method.

Control your orgasmThis can begins as a solo exercise where you can start by masturbating alone and bringing yourself close to an orgasm and then stopping. Then after relaxing for a while, you continue bringing yourself closer and more closer to an orgasm til you cannot hold it in any longer.You can do this many times alone without any distraction to help you learn your point of no return.

3.Slow down the intercourse.

If you are feeling really pressured to perform, you will probably end up ejaculation before you are ready.What you need to do is not to view sexual intercourse only as means of getting or achieving an orgasm, but to re-frame it as a relaxing and pleasurable time spent with your partner.

4.Think non-sexual thoughts.

If you feel or notice that you are getting too excited and aroused, stop for a moment and turn your focus and attention to something else which is unsexy, unromantic like, the rush hour traffic or a dirty sock.

5.Deep breathing.breathing during sex

This is a form or kind of meditation that sometimes can help you control the arousal, excitement and sexual tension that usually leads to an early ejaculation.

6.Practice the squeeze method.

This is done by having sexual intercourse normally till the point where you feel like the orgasm is just seconds away then you abruptly stop all other stimulations and then gently squeeze using your thumb and your fore-finger around the penis part where glans meet the shaft.

Squeeze for some seconds then pause all the stimulation for say, another 30 seconds, then resuming intercourse. You can repeat this method until you are ready to have an orgasm.

7.Changing positions.

Changing your sex positions for longer sexThere are some sexual positions that put less pressure on the glans. For example, you can try passive positions like the side-by-side style or the spooning position.

Avoid active positions like the missionary and the rear entry positions also called the ‘doggystyle’, these positions place a lot of friction and stimulation on the glans leading to premature ejaculation.

Sexual health is often an overlooked aspect of overall health, use these tips to improve your sex life and prevent early ejaculation.

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