4 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Doctor’s Clinic

Over the years there is that a lot of doctors and medical clinics who spend a lot of time and money on special offers that do not generate new business.

Whether it’s local sponsorships, newspaper-advertisements or social media marketing, local business owners are throwing away cash on marketing tactics that may enhance their egos by making them local celebrities, but don’t actually result in revenue.

Doctors and medical clinics, those counting on local area customers, should give attention to networking with other area businesses first, large employers, institutions, churches and other businesses. They should network and create marketing approaches and events that are advantageous to all parties.

Here are several marketing suggestions to consider before breaking out some money:

1.The old hands shake and business cards. There is this phenomenal new social media strategy that’s on fire right now called meeting people in the flesh. Whether you’re a business proprietor or the manager, make a true point to introduce yourself to at least five individuals per week. Have a special offer on the back of your cards and hand them out as you meet people. Out of the 250 individuals you might meet over the full year, odds are 80% will use your business-card voucher, and about 20% will be new reoccurring customers. That is nice amount of new business without any advertising cost except your time.

2. Cross advertise with other local businesses. Scratch each other’s backs. Give a special coupon for various other local businesses to distribute to customers that includes a special offer from you– compliments of them. You get your marketing handed out free of charge, and the promotional partners get to offer their buyers a special perk.

3. Make local area employees your VIPs. Got a big employer near your place of business? Offer up a special discount to employees who show their employee ID. In certain situations, it’s easier to for the employer to distribute a “VIP card” from your business to each of the employees. Generally, you should offer something repeatedly for a set time frame to the VIPs — 30 to 60 days is a great time period. Keep the offer lower with merchant cross promotions.

These tactics don’t take up that much time. They cost very little and they generate business. They make use of a business’s products as the incentive to bring people in — rather than media/advertising dollars.

4. Medical SEO.  You can also consider doing search engine optimization to improve your search rankings.  This will help individuals find you and your medical clinic when looking for a doctor with your specialty. You can outsource this to a consulting company like Tampa medical seo or with a little time invested learn some basic SEO tactics.

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3 Major Benefits Of Home Health Care

Whether or not you choose to hire a specialty care, home health care provides a selection of benefits for both the elderly and the caregivers. Allowing your parent(s) to stay at home is a decision that can mean so much.

Below, there are several considerations, which will help you make the best decision about maintaining your elderly parent in the home:


  1. Home health care equals faster recovery.

Regardless of the duration, hospital remains could be difficult. The experience alone with surgical procedures can leave an elderly adult in a compromised position.

If your elderly parent has been discharged from a healthcare facility recently, home health care permits a person to rehabilitate in his or her own home. Being in a familiar environment enables someone to have the best situation to healing his or her overall body.

Actually, research shows home health care expedites healing – demonstrating elderly adults heal quicker in the home versus in a medical center or nursing home setting up.


  1. Home care helps you save money.

Sure, moving your Father or Mother to a nursing facility is the traditional solution, but institutional care has a hefty price. According to recent info supplied by John Hancock Financial, the annual cost of assisted care in a nursing facility is normally between $86,000 and $75,500 for a semi-private room, whereas home care averages around $37,000 each year.

A good guideline is that 8 hours or less of home care will be less costly than institutional care.


  1. Home good care honors your adored one’s dignity and independence.

Do you realize: Most seniors fear the nursing home and most of all losing their independence more than dying? Studies indicate that ninety percent of seniors prefer to stay where they’re currently living.

Home care allows individuals maximum flexibility and control as they age. Their home is their castle, their sanctity – and it doesn’t change, as they get older or sicker.

The home environment is the “least restrictive” environment that allows older adults to stay engaged with their normal day-to-day activities while remaining as part of the community. With home residence care, elderly aren’t subject to the guidelines and restrictions of a nursing facility. They have the freedom to pick a doctor, nurse, or home health aide that fit their needs.

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What You Should Know About Sleep Training Your Infant?

Develop a realistic frame of mind about nighttime child-rearing

Attempting to sleep, like eating, is not something you can force a baby into. The best you can do is to create an environment that allows sleep for your baby. The end-goal is to help your baby develop a positive attitude about sleeping: that sleep is a pleasurable and a secure condition to remain in.

Various sleep problems in older kids and adults come from children growing up with an unhealthy frame of mind about sleep—that sleep is not a good state to be in and is a fearful state to remain in. Just as daytime parenting is a long-term investment, so is nighttime parenting. Teach your baby that sleep is nothing to fear and that it is enjoyable when they are young and both you will sleep better when they are older.

Beware of sleep trainers

Sleeping trainers have been promoted as the magic formula to get babies to sleep through the night – but at a cost. Most of these sleep-training techniques are just variations of the cry-it-out method. And modern technology has found its way into nighttime parenting, giving tired parents various options to help their children sleep: oscillating cradles, crib vibes that mimic a car ride and teddy bears that breathe, sing, and snore.

Most promise to fill in as the nighttime parent, when the baby won’t sleep. Someone else’s method to get the baby to sleep is easy but often not the best solution. Before trying any sleep-inducing program, you be the judge. Ask these questions:

  • Does this advice sound practical?
  • Does it fit your baby’s temperament and personality?
  • Does it feel right to you?

If your sleeping routine isn’t working for you, think about what changes you can make in yourself and your lifestyle that will assist in making it easier to meet your baby’s sleep needs. Simple things like this can make all the difference without trying to change your baby’s habits.

Use discretion about advice that promises a sleep-through-the-night more convenient baby, mainly because these programs involve setting up distance between you and your baby and breaking the mutual trust between parent and child.

On the surface, baby training sounds great, but it is a short-term gain for a long-term loss. You lose out on becoming an expert in your baby and the baby loses the possibility to build trust in his environment and you.

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Stress- How it Affects Diabetes and How to Manage It

The most common advice that diabetics get is to change their diet and increase their activity level. Reducing stress is an advice that is given less often. However, it is really a great help if you try to decrease your stress level.

If you’re stressed, your body works double time to help you cope so it releases adrenaline and epinephrine to give you more energy and focus. Aside from hormones though, your liver and stored fats also releases glucose. And glucose is sugar.

You should also that there are two types of stress, acute and chronic. Acute stress happens when for example, your caught fire. Your adrenaline is instantly released, together with glucose.

The thing is, these types of stress happens rarely and they are normal. What’s more bothering is chronic stress. This type of stress is caused by events that are reverse diabetes in 30 dayshappening in your everyday life like finances, career and health worries.

You may think that these issues cannot be avoided, but in fact, you can control some of them. Here are some tips on how you can better manage your stress.

  • Stop worrying about things you cannot change. If your boss is too difficult to deal with, it does not mean that you have to think of him until you end your day. There’s nothing you can do about his character but you can do something with yours.

You can choose to be happy despite of his gloomy attitude. You can choose to leave work problems in your office and enjoy your time at home with your family.

Do not dwell on events or people you cannot change. Choose happiness and choose how you will feel.

  • Look for activities to do. Stop watching television just so you can forget about your problems. Do something that will interest and enrich you. You can walk with your spouse, trek with your friends or read a book.

These activities will not only take your mind away from issues, these can also help your mind focus on what’s more important.

  • Avoid stress before it happens. You can do this by doing relaxing activities such as aerobics and yoga. Even if you are not stressed, doing these will help your body prepare for future events that might cause stress.

The reasons for stress are not unavoidable. Your plumbing can leak some time, and heavy traffic is not something you can control. But again, it all comes back to controlling what you can – yourself.

Have a happy disposition and remain positive despite of your diabetes and everyday problems and surely, the reasons for stress will do you no harm.

Stress reduction is one of the most overlooked aspects of treating diabetes. In fact, it can help you reverse the effects from type 2 diabetes.




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How To Prevent Scarring?

If your skin has new wounds or injuries – an accident, surgery, or trauma, your body is effective naturally repairing the wound. As the skin repairs, scarring is likely to occur, it’s a natural part of our healing process.

The appearance of your scar depends on the type of injury you sustained, how well you treated the wound, and how well it healed. Scars coming from surgical procedures or scars over the knees and elbows harder to avoid, scars from cuts/scrapes may become less obvious simply by appropriately treating the wound immediately after the occurrence.

Allow me to share some dermatologist’s tricks for decreasing the visibility of scars caused by accidental injuries like skinned knees, cuts, and deep scratches:

  • Always keep the wound clean and sanitized. Gently scrub the area with mild soap and water to keep germs and other particles out of the wound. You can also use anti-septic creams and lotions to help with keeping the wound clean.
  • Make use of petroleum jelly. It keeps the wound moist and prevents it from drying out and scabbing. Scabs over the wound take longer to heal. This will also aid in the prevention of the scar from becoming too big, deep or itchy.
  • After cleansing and using petroleum jelly or similar cream, cover it with an adhesive bandage. Big wounds, sores, or burns, may require the use of hydrogel or silicone gel to help with healing.
  • If your wound requires stitches or staples, follow the doctor’s advice on how to care for it. Find out how long the stitches/staples will be in and some additional things you can to prevent scarring.

If you have a serious wound on your face or area you are worried about appearance, opt to see a plastic surgeon instead of a dermatologist or family doctor. The plastic surgeon will stitch you up focusing on the appearance of the wound where the other doctors focus on getting the wound closed up.

  • Apply sunscreen to any scars when you’re outside. This will help reduce discoloration and aid in the scar’s healing process. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher. Make sure to reapply every ½ hour.

Even though no scar can totally disappear, the majority of them can fade with some time and proper care. Go to a board-certified dermatologist to help you with any pre-existing scars you have.

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What Should Know About Sinus Infections?

As a kid and to this day I suffer from constant sinus issues.  It’s likely due to an old injury that caused a deviated septum that I never got repair.  So I live with constant breathing problems and clogged nasal cavities.

This of course leads to a sinus infection (aka sinusitis) at least once a year if I’m lucky.

What exactly is a sinus infection?

It’s inflammation of the air passage cavities in the nose.  It can be caused by sinusitisallergies, a bacterial infection of some sorts, and constant irritation (like that from a deviated septum).

Most of the time, they’re not contagious. Of course there are various classes of sinus infections from acute to severe.

Some can last a week or so up to 3 months or more.

What are some signs of sinusitis?

  • Headache in the located in the sinus cavity slightly the space between your eyebrows
  • Tenderness in the forehead and cheeks, can sometimes be accompanied by swelling in the face
  • Pressure in your head and ears (feels like your head is going to pop)
  • Fever (sometimes)
  • Runny nose
  • Cough and sore throat
  • Eye and tooth pain
  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath

Course of treatment

treatment for sinus infectionDepending on what caused the sinus infection will determine the treatment that will be needed, if any.

For virus related sinus infections, no antibiotics are prescribed, you have to “tough it out” per say.

Now, if it’s a bacterial infection, you can get antibiotics to help treat it.  You’re usually given something like Amoxil, Augmentin, or Zithromax.

Some over-the-counter medications that can help lessen the suffering are decongestants and mucolytics (mucinex) or a saline irrigation that you’ll have to squirt up your nasal cavities.  Tylenol will also help with the pain and fever aspect of the infection.

If left untreated sinus infections can lead to more life-threatening complications like meningitis or a brain abscess in some incidences.

If you believe you have a sinus infection, go visit an ENT Fountain Hills (ear, nose, & throat doctor) to see what treatment is right for you.






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7 Tips To Prevent Premature Ejaculation During Sex

Premature ejaculation is ejaculating before you and your partner or spouse wanted to, usually within 60-90 seconds of intercourse. It is a common sexual problem facing many men under the age of 40.

Several factors can cause or lead to premature ejaculation, however, it can be controlled with proper understanding, forethought and in some extreme but rare cases, a medical help.

The following are Ways to Stop Premature Ejaculation.

1. Wear a condom.

condom to last longerCondoms can reduce the stimulation for most men of which in turn should prolong intercourse before ejaculation. However, to achieve this you shouldavoid condoms that are extra thin. Keep in mind you can always up-grade to a thinner brand for more stimulation later on.

You can also use condoms with benzocaine.This condoms enable climax control condoms and can extend the sexual activity and while delaying the male’s orgasm for as long as five minutes. They have benzocaine at the tip, benzocaine is a mild form of anesthetic which has a slight mild numbing effect thus can help reduce or decrease the sexual sensation.

2.Practicing the stop and start method.

Control your orgasmThis can begins as a solo exercise where you can start by masturbating alone and bringing yourself close to an orgasm and then stopping. Then after relaxing for a while, you continue bringing yourself closer and more closer to an orgasm til you cannot hold it in any longer.You can do this many times alone without any distraction to help you learn your point of no return.

3.Slow down the intercourse.

If you are feeling really pressured to perform, you will probably end up ejaculation before you are ready.What you need to do is not to view sexual intercourse only as means of getting or achieving an orgasm, but to re-frame it as a relaxing and pleasurable time spent with your partner.

4.Think non-sexual thoughts.

If you feel or notice that you are getting too excited and aroused, stop for a moment and turn your focus and attention to something else which is unsexy, unromantic like, the rush hour traffic or a dirty sock.

5.Deep breathing.breathing during sex

This is a form or kind of meditation that sometimes can help you control the arousal, excitement and sexual tension that usually leads to an early ejaculation.

6.Practice the squeeze method.

This is done by having sexual intercourse normally till the point where you feel like the orgasm is just seconds away then you abruptly stop all other stimulations and then gently squeeze using your thumb and your fore-finger around the penis part where glans meet the shaft.

Squeeze for some seconds then pause all the stimulation for say, another 30 seconds, then resuming intercourse. You can repeat this method until you are ready to have an orgasm.

7.Changing positions.

Changing your sex positions for longer sexThere are some sexual positions that put less pressure on the glans. For example, you can try passive positions like the side-by-side style or the spooning position.

Avoid active positions like the missionary and the rear entry positions also called the ‘doggystyle’, these positions place a lot of friction and stimulation on the glans leading to premature ejaculation.

Sexual health is often an overlooked aspect of overall health, use these tips to improve your sex life and prevent early ejaculation.

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Food Never To Eat If You Want To Lose Fat

These foods can devastate your diet, especially if you’re trying to lose fat.  These are what I call “hidden junk foods.”

They are sold in your grocery store and promoted as “healthy” but they are far from it!

They can actually cause you to GAIN fat instead of lose it, no exactly what you would expect when you here these list of foods.

In this short video, they’ll reveal these 5 food items you should avoid if you want to lose fat and then provide you with healthy alternatives for them.


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